Brownell Chalstrom

Consulting, sailing, and other things


Brownell is a senior software developer. He is focused, conscientious, and a hard worker with great communications skills, and is very experienced working remotely.

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, Brownell is happy to work remotely but not to relocate.

His recent work includes

Brownell is highly skilled in current Web applications technologies, including: Python, Flask, Ruby, Rails, VueJS, JavaScript and jQuery, git and github, node.js, progressive mobile, SQL, HTML, CSS, Amazon AWS, Heroku, authentication, API development, and more. He has industry experience in travel, healthcare technologies, data networking, mapping.

Brownell has executive operational experience in public and private companies: general management, marketing and engineering. He has experience in venture capital investing both as entrepreneur venture partner in VC fund. He was an early leader in collaborative computing: General Manager of Lotus Notes, and co-founder of two Web-based startups, and an internet pioneer at BBN. In the past decade he has returned to his technology roots in software development. Brownell earned engineering degrees from MIT and U.C. Berkeley.